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Better You

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Could sit here on a rainy day and read for hours and hours with a glass of wine and some deli meats and cheeses and a fruit platter… yes. Teasing myself with this idea!


Could sit here on a rainy day and read for hours and hours with a glass of wine and some deli meats and cheeses and a fruit platter… yes. Teasing myself with this idea!





A full moon and a fully destroyed house! I was in the kitchen making salad for the 14th day of Ramadan iftar, suddenly I heard my mum and my little brother shouting ”clear the house now they are going to destroy our neighbor’s house” which is less than 10 meters away of our building.

There was no time to gasp the shock so I rushed to change my clothes, took my emergency back bag and ran down stairs and all my family members did the same.
All the 17 of us rushed to my uncle house which is about 50 meters away of our house.

I was by the door when the first rocket hit the house, but I kept going, there was a gap of 2 minutes between the first and second dozon’s rocket but those 2 minutes felt like 20 minutes, among us were 8 kids and they were extremely terrified of the sound, they were blocking their ears saying we don’t want to hear it. We tried to comfort them but it was nearly impossible.

Then the F16 came and destroyed the 3-floors building, I couldn’t catch my breath like if there was no air around, my heart was beating so fast that it ached me, but it was less painful than the fact that now 4 families become houseless!

Thank God there was no causalities. However, all the near houses had some damages but it’s okay.

They told us it’s okay to go back but I was already there checking the damages, it was so heartbreaking, they spend years to build it and in a click of button it turned to piles of stones. All the neighborhood was black and gray , full of the destruction pieces and smelled awful that you can barely breath.
After 15 minutes of destroying the house, there was a bulldozer opening the street, there were some policemen to keep people away of the site in case if they Israeli air-force targeted it again.

Everyone in the neighborhood started cleaning, the sounds of shoveled glass were really loud pointing to the size of damages.
I didn’t hear any ”WHY”, all I heard was ”do you need a hand!, are you okay?, any serious damages?”

I stared at the moon thinking of how wonderful we gazain are, we are like the phoenix, we come back to life from our ashes, nothing can breaks us down because we have strong faith. Everything looks achingly idyllic in the moon light.
Moving on in a few minutes is something you will never learn outside Gaza, as long as we are alive we will rebuild everything. We always can start over again, we know how to stand up again in a very short time.
This scenario is happening every minute in different areas, with different people. If you haven’t heard about it in your media, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

May Allah make us as strong as the Palestinians

"We are like the phoenix, we come back to life from our ashes, nothing can break us down because we have strong faith." Beautiful words from beautiful souls, mashaAllah :’) Indeed, when Allah is with us, nothing can break us down. You’ve no idea how much your strength has inspired us to become stronger too.. May Allah grant you beautiful souls the best place in Jannah, aameen ya rabb! 

^ truly. Ameeen.

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